Ways to Use Labels

Inkjet printer labels are a staple in most homes and offices. They're useful for professionally and clearly labeling paper file folders. They can be used to label reports and binders. But this isn't all labels can be used for. With a little imagination they can be used in many different ways. Here are some ideas to help you get your money's worth out of label packages.

Around the House

It can be difficult to know what's in colored storage containers since you can't see inside. This can cause a lot of wasted time trying to guess what's inside. Or it can cause a lot of frustration fumbling through different bins trying to figure out what in each one. Printing labels can be used to mark the contents of each bin. If you don't like white labels, most office supply stores will also have clear labels that you can use. With clear labels, you don't see the label when it's attached to an item and you can focus on the clearly printed black or colored text.

A tip when using your computer to print colored text: Make sure you always use inkjet cartridges that are compatible with your printer. This ensures you will get the richest, clearest text possible.

Use labels to sort and organize spices. It's easy to do. All you need to do is purchase clear spice bottles, collect the names of the spices you have and then print the names on label sheets using your computer. Stick the labels to the jars and store. Be sure to choose a font that's easy to read and a size that's large enough to be easy to see at a glance.

Labels can be used to mark canned goods. This is especially useful if you're canning food yourself. Labels can also be used on store-bought cans that have lost their manufacturer's labeling. Perhaps the label ripped off or perhaps you chose to remove it for a recipe or for the UPC code for a refund. A clearly marked printer label makes it easy to know what the contents are.

If you have a lot of books that you lend out or would like to keep track of, you can use printer labels on the inside jackets of the books with your name.

Labeling family photos can be much easier with printer labels. All you have to do is set your printer up to print many labels at once, and then peel and stick them to the appropriate photo. Sort by year, by child, by event, or whatever comes to mind.

For Parents

Those packages of labels in your home office can be used to help organize your children and their belongings as well. Children have a tendency to lose clothing especially at school or camps. Some parents write their children's names in marker on clothing tags and inside of shoes. Parents with sewing skills may lovingly embroider their children's names to fabric labels.

For the time pressed, sewing-challenged parent, those business labels can be a life saver. Simply write your child's name in black marker on a label and stick inside a shoe or inside the front pocket of a backpack. You can also set up your Canon printer (or other printer of choice) to print out several name labels at one time. When you stick the label to an item, cover it with a piece of clear packing tape to help make it stick longer and protect the paper surface.

Printer labels can also be used to label the contents of drawers in children's bedrooms. This is especially effective with young children. For children who can't read, you can use your inkjet printer to print solid blocks of color on labels and then tell the children what each color represents. For example blue can be socks and underwear, red can be shirts and so on. This method also works for toy storage containers in kids' rooms.