How To Find Cartridges To Fit Dell Printers

Some customers are finding out that things aren't always "easy" with Dell, especially when they try to replace their Dell printer cartridges. Lexmark has recently begun manufacturing Dell-branded printers for Dell. However, these printers are slightly different than the Lexmark in that they are re-keyed so only Dell ink cartridges will fit them. Although at first glance the cartridges appear to be the same, the caps of the Dell printer cartridges snap into the printer differently than the Lexmark cartridges. This keeps you from using a Lexmark cartridge or a compatible discount ink cartridge in your printer.

That, in itself, seems normal. After all, you can't use Epson in HP printers or vice versa, but here's the kicker. You can only buy the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Dell ink cartridges directly from Dell. They are not available from either traditional retail or Internet ink suppliers. So, if you have purchased a Dell printer, it would be prudent to order a couple of their cartridges before you run out of ink, although the Dell printer has a little gadget that will tell you when the printer needs ink.


Of course, as with all OEM inkjet refills, neither the black nor the color Dell ink cartridges are cheap, retailing at $30.00 and $35.00 respectively. Although Dell tries to offset this cost by offering free ground shipping, many discount ink cartridge suppliers also offer free shipping.

In fact, although there are some fly-by-night outfits that sell discount ink, many of the discount houses sell top-quality refurbished and compatible cartridges that undercut the OEM's by 30 to 50 percent or more and that's a part of the good news.

Some printer suppliers, although unable to sell Dell printer cartridges or even compatible discount ink cartridges are selling refill kits that are compatible with a limited number of Dell printers. However, before purchasing, do check to make sure they are compatible with your particular printer.

Still, there is hope for the future. Many discount ink suppliers are encouraging customers to recycle their Dell ink cartridges. As customers remit their old cartridges to inkjet recycling and remanufacturing plants, remanufactured compatibles will become available at a discount!