The True Value of Canon Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Everyone who has a printer is chasing after Canon ink cartridges because of their high quality. These days, blank Canon cartridges are becoming as valuable as gold. Several companies, including Canon, have instituted recycling activities like those we have for other goods . The reason is simple: empty ink cartridges can be filled again and then sold on at huge profits.

People prefer Canon cartridges for one main reason - the bubble jet technology. According to Canon, their acclaimed "bubblejet" technology was created when a researcher accidentally touched a syringe full of ink with a hot soldering iron. The heat from the iron created a bubble, which forced a small drop of ink out of the syringe; giving birth to bubblejet technology.

Obviously things have undergone a lot of modifications since then but the underlying technology remains the same. This is how bubblejet technology works in a Canon printer: a small amount of heat is applied to each of the 300-600 print-head nozzles, which causes droplets of ink to be sprayed at pressure onto paper. Simultaneously, the vacuum action of the bubble draws in an equal amount of ink to replace that which has been sent out.

As you may rightly think, ink used in Canon ink cartridges has a built-in heat tolerant function to make the thermal effect work correctly.

That said, we can talk about how you can make some great savings on cartridges. You can go for remanufactured inkjet cartridges. With the high cost of replacing printer cartridges with manufacturers ink such as original Canon ink cartridges, you should be considering workable alternatives now . Remanufactured ink is a solution that solves ink replacement problems. Apart from the fact that it is a cheaper way to replace your printer ink, it is a laudable environmental program due to the fact that it recycles used inkjet cartridges.

When it comes to ink for printers, Canon ink cartridges have a strong reputation for producing excellent print outputs and offer companies an excellent way to fully enjoy their printers.

The Canon printer company
How did a company who started out in 1933 making 35mm cameras under the name Kwanon become a name associated with high quality inkjet printers and other digital media products.