Where Did Your Epson/Seiko Printer Come From?

Founded in 1942. in Nagano Japan, the Suwa Seikosha Corporations original product was watches and similar precision instruments. The company being founded during World War II let to obvious delays in progress and product in the post 1945 era.

1955 saw the change of the company name to Seiko Epson and the development of the Seiko Marvel mechanical watch which became the basis of Seiko Epsons international watch business.

In late 1960s Epson released the EP-101 which at the time was the worlds smallest digital printer. This miniature printer found it's way into many of the small handheld and desktop calculators of the time.

The Epson EX-1 launched in 1977 was released to the world as the the smallest office computer on the market. This was despite the fact it was as big as a small car but in 1977 the EX-1 was truly groundbreaking technology.

1980 saw Epson make it's first real foray into the home printer market with the release of the MX-80 dot matrix printer. By modern standards this is now a dinosaur but at the time this printer grabbed a 60% share of the fast-growing personal computer printer market.

The SQ2000 was released in 1984 and was the first commercial printer that Epson produced. It offered hight speed, low noise and clear print to a demanding business market where the only competition at the time was from far noisier and graphically inferior dot matrix and line printers.

The Challenge

The Epson stylus 800 saw the development of micro piezo technology and a dramatic overhaul in the inkjet market worldwide. The introduction of the Stylus 800 in 1993 made companies like Hewlett Packard very nervous.

1994 saw the worlds first 720dpi printer with Espon Stylus color moving from production to sales shelves all over the world.

From the success of the Stylus Color Epson continued to innovate with the Stylus Photo in 1997 which broke the standard tri-color ink tank model and became their first 6 color printer. Truly revolutionary at the time it has since been copied by many other printer manufacturers.

From 1997 onwards Epson has continued to improve on their existing technology and improve it in every way possible. Their most recent inkjet innovation is the DURABrite ink technology which provides a smaller, fade resistant droplet of ink for all your printing.

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