Why You Should Use Original Epson Cartridges

For Consistent Printing Results

Epson stand out as one of the best known names in the inkjet market. Their reputation for ultra-realistic photo quality printing is second to none and has come from years of research and development above and beyond that of most inkjet companies. Epson owe a lot of their financial and market success to their inkjet cartridges. Epson inkjet printers use the separate printhead and ink tank approach which is ideal for a printer range that focuses more on the color quality of the final images than raw print speed. Epsons have long been the favourite of graphic artists who need high quality results.

The technology behind Epson ink cabrtridges is very similar to Hewlett Packard inkjet printers in that it uses a process called piezo electric printing. This involves passing an electric current through a single or pair of crystals which then expand. The ink is moved into a chamber between these crystals and as the crystals then contract the ink is squirted out onto the paper to be printed on. The expansion and contraction of these crystals happens hundreds of times per second when you're printing an image file or document - even though to the average ear and eye nothing remarkable is happening inside the printer at all.

Epson ink cartridges now also use DuraBrite technology which is water, smudge and light resistant ink - great news for inkjet users and shoppers everywhere. For the consumer this means that your inkjet printouts are going to last and last and last! This should be a consideration for all inkjet shoppers when buying third party or compatible cartridges - just how long will your prints last with non-Epson ink? How valuable are your memories or those important documents? Most of the inks used in refills will last 5 - 10 years at most.

The vast majority of Epson owners are always on the lookout for discount Epson ink and ink refills. True you can save vast amount of money using refill, remanufactured and compatible products but original Epson ink cartridges can be purchased at big discounts online too.

Thumbs Up For Epson

So make the choice. Original Epson ink cartridges for consistent, reliable quality or third party products and take your chances.

The Epson Inkjet Printer Company
Founded in 1942. in Nagano Japan, the Suwa Seikosha Corporations original product was watches and similar precision instruments. The company being founded during World War II let to obvious delays in progress and product in the post 1945 era.