Blank Greeting Cards - For That Personal Touch

One of the toughest parts of buying somebody a gift is finding the greeting card you want in a gift shop. You usually have to put up with cheesy designs and slogans that really aren't you and don't say what you want them to say. This is where blank greeting cards that you can use on your inkjet printer come in really handy. They allow you to unleash your creativity and add a very personal touch to the card itself.

Believe me the first time you give somebody a greeting card that you designed and printed yourself - their face will say things that words couldn't ever express. The first time I ever printed one was for a girl I was dating - she was stunned that the card looked so well and her tears proved it!

I'm sure most of you are thinking "Hang on...anything you produce and print at home is bound to look pretty bad isn't it?" For a lot of people the words "home produced" means poor quality - if we're being honest here. For some things that might still be true but for creating greeting cards with an inkjet printer nothing could be further from the truth. The current generation of greeting card blanks are available in a wide variety of papers, colors and effects - everything from plain pearl white to gold leaf.

Not only are they available in a variety of styles and sizes, the most common being 5" x 7" and 6" x 6" but they're also remarkably cheap to buy. A standard greeting card can cost you between $5 and $15. Buying blanks for producing your own greeting cards can cost you as little as 49c each and the quality of the card is usually way, way higher than you expect.

Why Do You Want Greeting Cards?

When might blank greeting cards come in handy? Well weddings, birthday and the birth of a new baby are just a few. For any of these occasions combining your gift with the additional gift of a greeting card you designed is sure to impress. If nothing else it's a great idea to keep a pack of blank cards in your computer drawer for those last minute occasions that you....well you forgot the card didn't you? Hey it's ok we've all been there.

You can design and produce your own greeting cards from these blanks for any holiday event - Easter, Halloween and Christmas are just the big holidays but there are dozens of other occasions when these cards could be used to add that special personal touch.

So if you fancy putting your creativity to the test then why not have a shot at creating your own greeting cards for the next big holiday season or family even. You'll be amazed at the results you can achieve with just a little bit of work and a touch of creativity.

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