HP For the Mobile Professionals

Telecommuting is a work arrangement where someone employed for a specific company is able to complete some or all of their work from home. The person has the flexibility to choose the working location of his or her choice and the hours he or she works, as long as the required work is done.

Workers who telecommute are also sometimes called web commuters or nomad workers. They use mobile telecommunications technology to get the job done.

More businesses are choosing to hire telecommuters. Telecommuters can save the company money in general business expenses. This type of work arrangement also means for happier employees because it can make it easier for them to balance work and life commitments.

A 2009 report suggests that about 40 percent of the working population in the United States, excluding the self employed, could work from home or the location of their choice at least part of the time. Each year the numbers of workers taking advantage of this possibility increases.

In 2008 approximately 17.2 million Americans worked remotely. According to a February 2011 study called "The Rise Of Wannabe And Maverick Mobile Workers" conducted by Forrester Research, Inc, approximately 85 percent of the world's workforce is expected to be mobile by 2015.

As more employees begin to work home or outside the traditional office, the need for office equipment that can produce professional quality products on the go increases. Printer companies are listening to what business customers and mobile professionals want and are starting to create printers to fill this need.

Changes at Hewlett Packard

In the spring of 2011 Hewlett Packard introduced the new HP Officejet to meet the needs of the growing mobile professional population. The senior vice president of the company, Stephen Nigro, said in a press release that the reason for this is that "The mobile workforce and trends in telecommuting have altered the business landscape and technology requirements in recent years, and customer expectations have never been higher when it comes to printing. So the company created "high performing inkjet solutions to help these customers succeed."

The estimated US street price of the HP Officejet mobile printers is between $200 to $300 through HP authorized resellers and Hewlett Packard directly.

More Info About the Officejet Mobile

There are two new types of Officejet Mobile printers: the Officejet 100 Mobile Printer and the HP Officejet Pro 8000 Enterprise Printer.

This new line of HP printer is energy star qualified and powers down when idle to save on energy and extend the battery life. The battery is powerful enough to print up to 500 pages. There's an AC power adapter that can be used and the adapter is compatible with selected HP Notebooks.

Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology makes it easy to use any computer to print to it especially from selected mobile devices. This includes Windows Mobile, select netbooks and notebooks, Nokia Symbian smartphones, HP webOS and BlackBerry. The printer can also create borderless 4x6-inch photos on the go that look lab quality if the right photo paper is used. The OfficeJet can print up to 18 color pages per minute and 22 black pages per minute. The printer can connect to a PictBridge compatible device.

It's designed to meet office space constraints and support remote workers. It's designed to be compatible with existing IT infrastructures. Color documents can be printed at as high as 50 percent lower costs per page than traditional printers, according the company research. There are increased printing options, enhanced efficiency of business processes, more printing options, high capacity ink cartridges and embedded security options such as device firewall, Syslog for device events and a password-protected Embedded Web Server (EWS).